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Role of Government

Friday, April 20th, ©2012 Marcus Brooks

[I came across the following on a sticky. When I wrote it I thought I was going to expand and tidy it up later, but I’ve decided to let it stand pretty much as-is. I did insert an asterisk, for which I’m almost as embarrassed as the word I put it in, and did some formatting. I’m finding it hard to resist clarifying pronouns, but like the man said: warts and all.]

Santorum on health care, MTP 3/11/12 (Why he’s running for president and not staying home with his special-needs kid.):

You had to go out and fight for these little children who, on the margins of society, in a government-run health care system around the world, they aren’t given quite the care and resources allocated because the government might not see them as useful lives.

Who will? The free market? The guys who shouted “Yes” to letting a guy die because he was too stupid or poor or sick to buy health insurance? Ron Paul is a good guy. He trusts God to put someone in the right place to take care of that guy.

I don’t believe it. You can believe God cares, and that he’s got the guy covered later, but in this world I feel personally responsible to take care of that guy, and others like him. I don’t need a Bible to tell me I AM my brother’s keeper, dammit, if he needs one. But I can’t do it alone. Hell, I can barely take care of myself anymore. But I can pay taxes—at least I could when the free market still deemed my life useful. (And my wife still can, for better or worse.)

You say the government doesn’t care? Well I care, and I AM THE F*CKING GOVERNMENT! At least as much as you are. The government does things you want to do that I don’t: invading Iraq, standardizing tests, prosecuting pot smokers, and re-tasking NASA every four years. It can do something I want that you don’t, like saving spotty owls, sequestering carbon, and making sure everybody has a chance to be healthy, even people too inept at making money for the free market to consider them useful.

I don’t put much stock in Bible-quoters, but today something caught my eye: in Matthew 25:32, who gathers before Jesus when He separates sheep from goats? Are they individuals? In my copy, they are nations.

However you read that, I believe this: we are all responsible. Whatever the greatest of our nation does as a nation, so does the least.