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And Another Thing…

Wednesday, August 3rd, ©2011 Marcus Brooks

I’ve been using the appropriate online forms to send occasional messages to my U. S. congressman and senators about the recent debt ceiling flap. As that winds down, I see now that the same sort of thing is winding up again with respect to FAA authority. This time I’m sharing my note with you three. As the note suggests, if I can contain myself, it’ll be one of the last political items on my blog. We can hope.

Airline inspectors are now working unpaid, if at all? Really? You guys just forgot about that when you left DC, or do you just not care?

I’m not going to be sending many more of these notes, because I plan to stick my head back into the sand. Lies upset me, so for my health I try to avoid liars.

For the present future I intend to vote a more-or-less straight Democratic ticket. I don’t say Democrats lie less than Republicans, but more often it seems Republicans believe their own lies. It’s called pseudologia fantastica. I read about it once when I saw it up close. It’s really, really dangerous.

Also, some of these Republicans (maybe not all, but too many) have convinced themselves that the ends they desire justify any means. I’m not entirely happy with the ends they seek. (For example, I look to Somalia as an entirely free market. Lovely.)

In any case, I cannot condone the means these people have chosen. We appear to be in for a serial blockade of government’s legitimate and vital business. (Airline inspectors!?!!) All to put over a radical minority’s sacred agenda. It is a shame. And it is frightening.

Marcus Brooks
Radical moderate in the making.

“Let the deep purple fall, over stubborn party walls…”