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Stop! Calm Down! Take Your Meds.

Tuesday, March 13th, ©2012 Marcus Brooks
Milk Man Mug Shots

65-Year-Old Milk Man Tortured For 10 Days—Loses Smile, Shave, Good Light (

Yesterday I happened across Austin’s radio FM 90.1: Texas Liberty Network, Joyce Riley’s “Power Hour.”

You might be surprised to hear that our constitutional government has been dangerously subverted, and “they” are coming right now to get you, me, and everybody. Everybody except “them,” I suppose. Someone has to wear the jack boots.

Be afraid, be very afraid! Hide your guns. Buy silver and gold. Shop for a nice hole in Coober Pedy!

(For security reasons, might disappear at any moment. Buy your book now!)

(Isn’t it generous of those gold and silver guys to accept your soon-to-be worthless U.S. dollars?)

In particular, Riley shocked me by reporting the death that same morning of a 65 year old “milk man” who had been tortured for the past 10 days in the Los Angeles county jail. And then she went to a commercial break…

…Oh? He’s not dead? He thought he would die? Well, after all, he was bound, starved, spoken to harshly, frozen, and tortured in a cell with raw sewage! And when he left jail, well, look at the photos! He was clearly poisoned by horrible chemical-laden processed packaged prison food, and oppressively denied his own raw milk and other locally-produced unprocessed, unradiated, unlicensed, uninspected, uncetera food.

I had to investigate. The mainstream media appears too cowed by the government to cover the story at all, so I can’t find any account of witnesses who might substantiate the guy’s story. Not even a lawyer; the man chose to represent himself. But a Google of “milk man torture” yields many retellings of his story posted by strangely fearless paranoid Netizen reporters. I found each retelling a little more harrowing than the last, the sh*t actually getting deeper and deeper, until as we’ve seen, the man actually died (briefly) in the radio account!

After carefully reviewing as much as I could stand (mostly this unusually rational account), I gather the man had appeared in LA County court for something or other, when another county’s sheriffs cleverly tracked him there and arrested him for a felony fraud warrant outstanding in their county. Being dismissive of little things like dairy licensing, mortgage law, etc., he apparently sounded like a Sovereign Citizen (officially recognized terrorists). The cops, on the “talks like a duck” theory, got all excited and clapped him in irons.

Then ensued the handcuffing, starvation (6 hours), verbal abuse (never physical), and freezing (evidence of hypothermia: he shivered). Exposure to sewage? A nearby cell’s toilet overflowed, and some nasty water got on his floor. Depth accounts range from inches to what almost sounds like enough to drown him. The guard gave him a squeegee. He had to sweep it out himself. The horror.

I worked for a while in an office with that problem, only it was carpeted so a squeegee wouldn’t work.

He says he never claimed to be “sovereign.” How much weight does not confessing usually carry? He says he never got his phone call, and never got charged. I agree that may be going too far. How about this: I’ll listen to your complaints if you fought the Patriot Act.

He claims the photographs are evidence of his torture. Ask a portrait photographer about their face value: a clean-shaven smile, bounce lighting, and a soft, portrait-friendly lens beats a stubbly frown and a cheesy, crisp, wide-angle iPhone flash picture; any day.

I’m no constitutional scholar, but I’m pretty sure I don’t have a right to ignore a law of the land just because I think it is unconstitutional. (Unless and until I convince a majority of  judges in the appropriate jurisdiction.) Presumed innocent or not, if cops find evidence otherwise, the law says I can be locked up until a judge lets me go.

Furthermore, even if somebody else, like the government, goes around breaking the law, I still can’t break the law myself. Or if I do, I should expect to get thrown in jail. It doesn’t have to be fair. I have a right to due process, not consistent results.

[Edit 2pm cdt: Not that I believe officials escape justice more often than anyone else [5pm: of comparable social status]. You know about government malfeasance because it always gets exposed. Grand conspiracy is virtually impossible. Someone always talks eventually.]

If I am thrown in jail, I have every right to complain about it to anybody who will listen. But look, if I’m a hysterical loudmouth who is too stubborn to keep out of jail and too stupid to get a lawyer, why in blazes would anybody listen to me?

About the “dead” thing, Riley did apologize, saying it was way too much, and claiming she’d never done anything that bad before. I have my doubts. Later in the show, she agreed salt was necessary and healthy in food, but not chemicals like sodium chloride—sodium and chloride, she says, are toxic… but that deserves another post!