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Restore What Future?

Friday, August 3rd, ©2012 Marcus Brooks
Photo of a nicely tanned thorax and shoulder.

My friend's tan, before Rapture. (Photo: Payman Pahlavan)

I once knew a sweet girl who tanned obsessively. I was her pet bear. She would take me to Sixth street to help her say “no” to boys she didn’t want to dance with.

My protective role led me to warn her that all that time in a tanning booth would shrivel her skin, or worse.

Her reply? “Rapture will come before that happens.”

At the time, I shrugged it off. She had more than her share of critics, and I was vague on the subject of Rapture.

Rapture, in case somehow you haven’t heard, is the end-time event when believers in Christ disappear from the Earth and ascend to Heaven. There are several ideas about how Rapture will happen, but it is commonly said to be “imminent,” and 11% of Americans think that means “within our lifetime.”

Setting aside that I can’t find the word “imminent” in my King James’ Bible, “imminent” in this sense doesn’t mean what the 11% (forgive me) think it does. This should be obvious when you consider Rapture has been “imminent” for roughly 2000 years. In fact, “imminent” just means the end could come at any time. Science tells us that much.

Folks point to all sorts of modern evils as harbingers of the end. They have no sense of history. On a per-capita basis, modern evils are beer and skittles compared to the good old days. Meanwhile eschatologists can’t even agree that the end will have harbingers, prior to the trump itself. I assume we’ll all know that when we hear it.

My mom told me “no man shall know the hour or the day.” I take comfort in that, because it seems there’s always someone who says they know the hour and the day! In any case, there’s no doubt our own personal ends will come in our lifetimes. I wonder, could you even distinguish Rapture from plain old death and resurrection?

My point here is this: 11% of Americans don’t believe America has a future, to speak of!

I can’t help but think most of those are Tea Party Republicans, fully half of the Republican “core.” These are the people Mitt Romney is beholden to!

What a lovely excuse to make hay! “Rapture will come first.” Why save the Earth for your children, when your children will go straight to Heaven! There’s no need to worry about the environment! No need to fix our infrastructure, fund education, or play nice with foreigners! We are here to dominate the Earth, dammit! Then ascend to Heaven, and leave the heathens behind with our mess!

Do you believe that’s what Jesus wanted?

If not, vote accordingly, and be sure to vote!

By the way, I’ve lost touch with my tanning friend. When I saw her last, her face was looking a bit brittle. I hope she’s OK.