A Smell, By Any Other Name, Arose

Monday, April 4th, ©2011 Marcus Brooks

Last week’s post put me in a mood to reminisce. A fiction I’ve been wanting to write might need some fictional perfume, for which I have just come across a possible name. I’m keeping that idea to myself, but it called something else to mind.

Piperonyl Butoxide Chemical Structure (Wikipedia)

Piperonyl Butoxide Chemical Structure (Wikipedia)

Long ago I worked in a place, and among such sort, as afforded me some familiarity with perfumes. One of the day’s popular brands was something called Poison. Appropriately, it smelled about as pleasant to me as piperonyl butoxide (not very). Odors create particularly strong memories. For me this stuff did even more so, as it made me feel a bit sick.

Later, while I was working in another place, my boss handed me a resume and asked what I thought of the applicant. Catching a whiff, I almost reflexively held the paper to my nose for a moment, and then pronounced, “Poison.”

I am by no means a ladies’ man, but I think that comment kicked my masculine stature up a notch among some co-workers who overheard it. One of them, himself a dashing young fellow, seemed even more impressed by an exchange he witnessed another time.

In that instance I had done something helpful for one of our (many) female writers (not the Poison wearer). Not thinking clearly, she exclaimed, “Marcus, why can’t I find a man like you?”

“I don’t know.” I said, “I’m right here.”

That shut her up.

And what happened to the girl with the perfumed resume, you may ask? She was hired on the strength of its content, of course. As things turned out, though, its odor was more accurate!

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