Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami

Saturday, March 12th, ©2011 Marcus Brooks

I’m afraid if I continue posting as if nothing happened, people might think me callous or inattentive. That’s not what it would mean. It would mean I’m speechless. I can’t think of anything to say that would help anyone.

Then again…

It might not help anyone, but I can think of one thing to say. As an American, I was embarrassed to hear a cable news anchor press the Japanese ambassador about asking U.S. experts to help with the damaged reactors. The anchor’s tone implied it would be irresponsible not ask for our help, as if Japan was incapable of dealing with their own reactor technology. I used to respect this particular broadcaster, but today he struck me as arrogant— even heartless.

I’m sorry, I haven’t watched much news TV lately. Is that what it is nowadays?

We need to give Japan all the help we can, but that’s because they’ve been hit hard and need a hand, not because our experts are necessarily better than theirs. Certainly our news people are in no position to teach the Japanese preparedness and due caution.

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