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My wife Shea liked my last post much more than some of my previous blog entries. In particular, she liked my description of why she hates TV.

Shea took umbrage at one thing, however. She says I was mistaken when I said she likes “thrillers, horror flicks, and depressing dramas.” She does like thrillers, but otherwise her tastes are rather more complicated.

When I said Shea likes horror movies, I was thinking in particular of Alien and its sequels, and other shows of the sort that fray my nerves horribly. She explained to me that these are not horror movies, but action or science fiction movies that just happen to scare my pants off. She doesn’t mind some horror in her movies, but movies that offer nothing else leave her cold.

Likewise, I was mistaken that movies like Spitfire Grill and Life as a House are depressing dramas. In Shea’s view, the important point is that they are “redemption movies.” The fact that they tend to drag viewers through a gritty black sump of depression is merely a side issue.

Shea and I can usually both enjoy a good mystery or action-adventure movie, as long as it isn’t too glib for her or scary for me. We both say we like comedies, but I haven’t yet got the knack of spotting a comedy she’ll really like. Most of the humor I like just makes her roll her eyes.

I guess the clearest indicator of our differing tastes is Netflix. She and I use the same Netflix account, but when DVDs arrive there’s usually a clear distinction between my selections and hers. And our selection histories make the site’s “recommendation” feature useless. It usually shows Shea titles she has no interest in, and lately I’ve been getting a blank space and “no recommendation available,” or words to that effect.

Still, as hard as it can be sometimes for Shea and me to find common ground, I’m glad I don’t live with a carbon copy of myself. That would be too dull for words.

Vive la différence!

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