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Saturday, March 7th, ©2009 Marcus Brooks

I’m having a little trouble finding my voice in this whole weblog escapade. Notice that my last post was about slime. What’s worse, I didn’t write about the fluorescent green brand, I had to pick inoffensive beige. How dare I?

This is not to say beige slime is beneath me. I’m all over it. Really, I hope to post microscopic photos later. That’s the sort of attention to detail, tempered by brevity, that’s seen me through nearly two decades of technical writing.

And yet, as I re-read the slime post, I sense a great sucking sigh of disinterest pooling in the shades and shadows of the Internet. Slime is not an expression of my blogging voice. It’s just information.

You’re gonna get that here. I’m an informative guy. But in technical writing the cheap way to make text shorter and clearer is to edit yourself out of it. That’s gotten to be a habit for me. Sometimes the only wit that I allow myself is a cryptic pun in the title, which makes it hard for anyone even to find the article.

I’ve addressed the title issue with this post. (Who won’t find that?) As for my voice, well, I’ll try to resist editing it out so much in future posts. Otherwise, where’s the fun?

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